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18 July 2009 - 05:48

Quality resources for web development and web design

During the last past months, my dear web developer friend Jaydev - currently much into the topic of usability - has kept on forwarding me so many links on the topic of web development and web design, that I felt I had to do something with it. Actually I was wondering even at the first place where he keeps on finding the time to go through all these resources !

So as I'm into the preparation of some web development courses, I grabbed the occasion and went through them once again, categorized them a bit and so for whoever may take benefit from or find them useful too: a nice collection of quality resources to improve the quality of your web development and web design works...

ps now who knows when I'll take or find the time to add all those nice ones hidden in my own bookmarks... but then also : who would have the time and the need to go through them anyway :-)

ps2 Well i've started adding some of my own resources too I noticed... :-)

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