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23 December 2007 - 16:11

Map of Consciousness

A mini site with some word art, made in the time when Altavista was the main search engine around -
it was also a time when pro and contra regarding the use of frames created lots of ‘strong’ debate.  So at the time I choose frames to experiment a bit with the technique.  And it was also the very beginning when I started using of CSS ...
So a bit of nostalgia along this post I suppose :-)

Rereading the small poetic impressions on the topic of Consciousness I wrote when living in a rural area on the frontiers between Flanders and the Walloon region (that’s Belgium, in case you wonder), just gave me the feeling to link these pages back in.
They’re in French and in English, with background photographs from the region… The impressions are timeless though, so enjoy the excursion !

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