Web design trend for 2011 : Responsive Web design ?

From a Sitepoint newsletter : http://www.sitepoint.com/responsive-web-design/
There's a demo page available through this link.

And another article on the topic is :Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and the Less Framework 3

Posted on 19 Jan 2011 ·
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Above mention link for responsive web design with html5 doesn’t work.

sakshi  on  08/03/2013  at  02:02

Thanks for your feedback Sakshi,
I’ve updated the link.


Danny  on  09/03/2013  at  06:13

Responsive web design & development of a mobile compatible website is a norm these days. However, a single version is not going to work on the myriad platforms available. After all, one needs to take into consideration various Smartphone, tab, and regular cell phones besides the ubiquitous computer and laptops.

Best web design company  on  26/08/2013  at  05:07

I’m afraid the first link still don’t work, Danny !
Yes, today responsive design has become a norm, but it also come with flat design and a good and light user experience : if your website is not complicated, a single good flat design version is OK on most of the plateforms, even old ones.

iBcht  on  25/10/2013  at  14:30

Thanks for pointing out iBcht -
inserted the updated link

Danny  on  27/10/2013  at  09:36

I don´t think that responsive web design is a trend anymore. It is a rule. You need to do it, otherwise you will have to rebuild your site in a few years.

Webbyrå Göteborg  on  05/11/2013  at  10:29

Responsive web design might have been a trend in 2011. But now it’s a mandatory thing. Especially with a lot of new devices in various sizes coming into the market each day, responsive design has even made the concept of mobile sites irrelevant. Thanks for sharing these good links!

mark  on  24/11/2013  at  14:22

I totally agree that mobile searches are on the rise and websites should also adjust to this modern evolution. Not only will it benefit you as business owner but also gives a good reputation.

Jeremy Mahon  on  17/12/2013  at  00:29

I appreciate to your work. Great written and easy to learn.
Thanks for the useful sharing.

Rajesh  on  03/01/2014  at  03:56

Above mention link for responsive web design with html5 doesn’t work.

Navin Kumar  on  18/04/2014  at  15:40

Thanks for pointing out, but the links seem all ok on my system?

Danny  on  19/04/2014  at  11:53

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Navin Kumar  on  20/04/2014  at  23:14

The first link still not working :/

vito  on  21/04/2014  at  07:33

You mean : http://www.sitepoint.com/responsive-web-design/ , vito?
I’m not sure what’s going on with this link, but I can only observe that it works from my side…
Try copy / pasting the URL in the address bar perhaps?

Danny  on  21/04/2014  at  09:19

responsive web design—this is in trend, so every web designer must know about that
and i see some comment in which people are saying that first link is not working but in my system it is working.. :)

Nitesh  on  26/04/2014  at  12:54

responsive web design are new generation demand.

website design company bangladesh  on  28/04/2014  at  06:43

nice post written by you… :)
As everyone know responsive web is very much useful for mobile users
so now a days every websites admin makes their sites responsive… :)

Best Smartphone  on  03/05/2014  at  17:26

responsive web design is booming and web developers need to switch to it… BTW the first link is working on my system..

disha  on  17/05/2014  at  08:49

Responsive web design is really necessary… especially with twitter bootstrap, you can design very professional and functional web sites.

Mucizefikir  on  05/07/2014  at  04:51

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Website Design  on  11/07/2014  at  04:04

Great job. I have read the full responsive-web-design post into sitepoint. Now i think you can modify it with some cool animation for making the post more attractive. After all great thanks to sitepoint.

Monika  on  19/07/2014  at  22:23
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