Veggie Day Celebration in GentC

one year veggie day in Gent

EVA, the 'Ethical Vegetarian Association' in Gent, Belgium, has successfully promoted the campaign to take up a vegetarian diet for at least one day a week -
on Thursday. The local authorities have been endorsing the project, making Gent one of the first, if not the first city in the world to officially endorse the one vegetarian day a week.

The project celebrates it's one year anniversary this week, and launched a video on YouTube under the slogan:

One day makes such a big difference
Een dag maakt zo'n groot verschil
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“One day makes such a big difference
Een dag maakt zo’n groot verschil “

I will share this info for all Vegetarians .

lambut  on  27/03/2014  at  02:49
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