Office Manuals for Download

The Mouse Training group has released their Office Manuals 2007 (2003 & 2000) are still available as well.

They form a good basis for those who are in to self training and are thus worth a download:

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Thanks so much to the mouse training group for released their Office Manuals 2007. This was really a great help.

Nathan Fred  on  20/05/2011  at  00:04

Just a small update :

Many more manuals are also available through

Danny  on  11/08/2013  at  17:18

I need help with MS Word 2013. Apparently, I am far from alone in having serious problems with this software! I have been all over the various help forums, etc. to solve this: How do I remove the ‘read only’ attribute from any doc, including those in Outlook attachments?

 on  22/11/2014  at  16:19

Dear Barbara,
perhaps you refer to ‘Protected View’ features in Office?
If you go to File/options, then go the Trustcenter/Trustcenter settings and select the Protected view tab - uncheck everthing…
Hope this helps,
Danny Puype

 on  23/11/2014  at  14:20

Hi Danny, This link is now broken.

faissel  on  28/01/2015  at  06:52

Thanks Faissel, I’ve updated the link from the comment into the post now.

Danny  on  28/01/2015  at  09:11
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