Import WordPerfect 4 Files into Microsoft Word

In the prolongation of a previously published entree on text conversion problems with Word, I received a mail from someone who was searching for the old Wordperfect 4.2 conversion file, not available anymore in the last MS Office releases (WPFT432.CNV).

The place to be is an article called 'How to Import WordPerfect Files into Microsoft Word', published on
Somewhere within that page, you can download A replacement set of conversion filters for use by Microsoft Word.
There are the filters for the WP 5.X version, but also for WP 4.0 - the procedure described for WP 4.2 is the same, so you only need to copy the files to the described location (in a typical install under Win XP: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\TextConv).

However to get the converter presented in Word along with the other converters, you need to tweak the registry. To ease the process, you could safe following lines to a text file, save it as wp42update.reg or something; just double click the file will insert these lines in the appropriate places in the registry:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Text Converters\Import\WrdPrfct4Dos]
"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\Microsoft Shared\\Textconv\\wpft432.cnv"
"Name"="WordPerfect 4.x"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Text Converters\Import\WrdPrfct4Dos\Options]
"Name"="WordPerfect 4.x"

Enjoy the nostalgia, as yes indeed where are the amazing times of the blue screened function keys driven interface of WP 4.2 and WP 5 :-)

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There I found new one for my microsoft word. I totally need this since my word is dull and stable. Don’t have the updates and maintenance. Thank you for having this one posted.

Sally Fisherman  on  12/08/2011  at  18:40

Quite nostalgia yes, this is the right term for all these :) As one who lived those moments, I am very grateful now to read about it on the web.

Robin Hood  on  19/08/2011  at  23:42

I have been with WordPerfect since the days of DOS. I had X6 on my old windows xp 32 bit computer and just installed it on my newly built Windows 7 64 bit ‘puter. Unlike the older install, Quattro Pro will not open .xls or .xlsx files. Same files which opened on the older computer with the same version of WP. Tried everything I could think of - repairs, uninstalls, reinstalls, changing compatiblilty options to every version of windows listed, etc. etc. The MS Excel file will open for a moment then I get a QP has stopped working ... Windows will close the program ... message. The only .xls file it would open is a file I had saved on my old computer which I had opened in QP and re-saved as an .xls file. Its not corrupt files - these files will open with MS Excel and on my old system with QP X6. Very dissapointing as it removes the advantage of sticking with Corel, since compatibility with MS products is a must. To add to the frustration emails to customer support remain unanswered and I joined the Corel online Forum only to discover there is no way to post ... filled in the post form many, many time and it jsut went blank when I tried to post it. What a bunch of crap. After all of these years I guess I’m done with WordPerfect.

 on  18/11/2013  at  05:00

Yes Mich, there’s a moment where it’s over and out I’d say…
so in between I’ve also given up WP on win7/win8 :-)

Danny  on  18/11/2013  at  13:54

Thank you, Import WordPerfect 4 Files into Microsoft Word article,. its solves a lot of problem mine working with my old pc and ms wrod.

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