How to create a sketch from a photo in Photoshop?

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I can do it now.thanks for sharing the nice tutorial.

Anderson Forrester  on  02/09/2013  at  21:38

The 2nd website is quite good

Andrea  on  16/09/2013  at  19:05

Definitely I will try it in my home. Your tutorial really helpful to us and very informative.

Nakdfhka  on  27/10/2013  at  17:10

thanks for providing those sites

Asif Hossain  on  28/11/2013  at  14:41

nice sketch images
very impressive

jaya  on  14/03/2014  at  01:29

Nice and informative article and if you really want to know more about the photoshop then here is the technique Photoshop Begineer tutorials i hope you will like it :)

sid  on  25/04/2014  at  08:10

Thank you so much for the tutorial! The eye is so beautiful

Angela  on  03/05/2014  at  17:09

Great tutorials. The third link seems the most interesting. Thank you!

Fotograf Nunta Iasi  on  20/08/2014  at  04:30

Thanks for your tutorial web-link. Love all of these.

clippingpathone  on  27/09/2014  at  06:54

Very useful information, thank you for sharing this nice article..

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Global Warming  on  18/11/2014  at  07:18

Thanks for the info!

Jacob  on  27/11/2014  at  15:01

Also, check this out, if you’re interested in a good photoshop tutorial:

Jacob  on  27/11/2014  at  15:03

Thanks its very helpfull

Kata Mutiara  on  04/01/2015  at  06:07
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