Excel Pivot Tables unplugged: hide items in a filter combo

Excel pivot tables are just a fantastic tool. And you can even boost it in various ways.
Just some creative ideas I encountered while working on a problem with hiding items in a filter.

Sometimes you just need to think out of the box to get where you want to get. And that may mean create an extra column with new data, you can then integrate in your pivot table analysis.
As as sample of this approach: Filter an Excel Pivot table for upcoming dates.

And did you know there are some specific shortcuts and manipulations to sort and hide information in pivottables? You'll find a good article on this at following blog topic.

What I hadn't realised yet is that in pre-2007 versions, there was an option in the 'page field zone' to hide certain items from appearing in the combo box, as you can see in this article on pivot-table.com .
Excel 2007 uses a new concept under the name of 'report filter' and as the 'multi-selection' feature has been added, this possibility to remove items from appearing in the combo has disappeared.
So if certain data shouldn't appear, you might have to go back to the source data and hide them there and thus use a 'out of the box' solution.

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