Default paper size in Word

If ever you're pondering on how to get the right paper size back when you start a Word document, here are a couple of links which might be of help:

Basically you need to think 'basic template' and change it asper your need - so that means going in search of or normal.dotx (from 2007 onwards) - in case you need help for that:

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i hate when it happened

 on  23/09/2011  at  10:57

Can I use it on Ms. Office 2010?

iphone 5 cases  on  23/09/2011  at  10:59

yes I think, though didn’t try it yet
Just look for normal.dotx

Danny  on  23/09/2011  at  13:34

Thanks Danny!

This problem were bothering me since I upgraded office from 2003 straight to version 2010 but seems that this have fixed the problem, at least for now.

David  on  06/11/2011  at  07:42

Good to know it helped someone :-)

Danny  on  06/11/2011  at  14:06

That’s very useful for me thank you

Jamba juice  on  20/01/2012  at  03:04
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