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22 November 2013 - 13:45

C/2012 S1 aka ISON

Discovery date : 21 September 2012 - objects flying into our Galaxy at the speed of light...

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19 December 2009 - 12:31

The power of the summit

If we'll remember one thing from the month of December 2009, then it's likely to be Copenhagen Summit in Denmark on environmental issues. If not because of it's size, it's worldwide media coverage, it's political impact or lack of impact and it's result or lack of result... definitely just because of it's overall importance.

If you like clear thinking and a change of perspective which that often brings along, then here's the 'Clear Thinking' issue which landed in my email box at the time of the Summit's 'warm-up'.
Clear Thinking is a bi-monthly published E-zine by the hand of Mike George, a lucid English author and lecturer on topics dealing with Change, Change Management and Change of Consciousness.
You can subscribe using this link..

Clear Thinking

The power of the summit

Will you be listening for the good news from Denmark next month? Will you be waiting to hear what changes lies in store for your lifestyle? Will you hope that ‘they’ can resolve their differences and heal the world? Yet another meeting of ‘our representatives’ will bring together those who believe that they have the ‘power to influence’ all our futures. The Copenhagen summit on climate change will once again focus minds in search of joint solutions to the environmental issues that transcend all borders. Decisions will be made that may affect generations to come. Past summits seem to have done little to translate whatever consensus was achieved into decisive action. Already the leaders who will convene next month are telling us that new decisions cannot be taken as there is not enough time to organize the right ideas, draft the treaties and build consensus. While many despair at a repeating pattern of disagreement and division, prevarication and delay, others have given up hope that anything significant can be done at such gatherings of the so called movers and shakers.

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13 October 2009 - 14:41

The Titanic Syndrome

In the logic and spirit of the film documentary 'Home', which came out earlier this year, there's now also 'Le Syndrome du Titanic' - the Titanic syndrome.

Le Syndrome du Titanic

It's the newest documentary film from Nicolas Hulot, the famous French nature film maker and & Jean-Albert Lièvre - for the moment in French only I think.
Yet another call for a change of direction, based on a shift in consciousness.

A good sample of what's going on in people's minds these days - or with Reuters' quotes:

The titular syndrome is simple: Our planet is the doomed oceanliner, and we -- in the West, at least -- are all busy leading our more-or-less luxurious lives as we sail toward cataclysm. It's obviously not the first film in recent times to put forward the case for safeguarding Earth, but it promises to look at the issue from a bold perspective.

"We're at a crossroads of crises: An energy crisis, a food crisis, an economic crisis," Hulot observes. "We have to look at ourselves as we really are. Our model is not sustainable. It's this model, based on competition and accumulation, which is the source of much disorder. We have to change and everyone has to be part of that, including those in the developing world."

There are definitely things we can do right now however - for some inspirations:

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12 October 2009 - 12:03

Vegetarian days for world change


Since quite some years now the benefits of being vegetarian have become mainstream knowledge - and because of all kind of reasons more and more people worldwide have actually taken up vegetarian food in various degrees as well.

Rather new has been the linking of the idea that not eating meat actually is a significant step to reduce harmful effects on climate and the environment.
It's exactly this which inspired vegetarian organisations to promote meatless or veggie-days once a week.

In Belgian, it is the EVA vegetarian association, the biggest of its kind in the country, which started promoting a veggie day on Thursday for over a year.

The idea was actually taken up by the Municipality, and led to Ghent being the first West-European city officially promoting and sustaining its inhabitants to take up the vegetarian life style for one day a week and thus helping the planet.
support Meat for Monday Ghent's veggie day was born in May this year and actually got world wide coverage.

In the US and the UK a similar project has led to so-called 'Meatless Mondays' -
that project also got into mainstream this summer thanks to several celebrities, and especially also Paul McCartney officially endorsing Meat free Mondays -
you'll find his launching video on his website: http://www.paulmccartney.com/news.php#/1634/2009-06.

So you too can change the world ! :-)

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28 February 2009 - 16:36

Pearls before breakfast - or the “Joshua Bell Metro” experiment

What would happen if a famous violin player starts playing virtuously some morning at the entrance of a metro station at peek hour?

That's basically what Joshua Bell, in Washington, in early 2007 - a time back indeed, but the link describing the experience landed this week in my mailbox.
In case you're curious, just have a look at the Washington Post article, there's video material too and a link to the full 'concerto' in audio.

A good introduction on a reflection on perception, on discernment, the spirit of the time or ... my own capacity of realizing beauty and giving it its time and space.

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02 January 2009 - 03:29


water crystalwater crystal

Continuing on the line of Dr. Emoto Masuru's work, I got this Google video link from a friend and colleague:
A really interesting documentary on water, but not only it emphasizes on the memory faculty of water, it dares to set a step further into linking it all up with consciousness and the magical influence of our minds. It not only sets the tone for the new year, but sure for the upcoming times :-)

water crystalwater crystal

In case you're wondering what all these crystals are about, this might be a good starting point: Dr. Emoto's personal website.

water crystalwater crystal

I don't know really what's the original post, but this is the blog it was referred to.

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08 August 2008 - 02:08

Crop Circle Time

Since many years, with peaks late July and beginning of August, the world has been witnessing this very special phenomenon of crop circles. Many appear in the UK, especially in one region, but since quite some time this mystery has expanded all over the world.

One site tracking this phenomenon year after year is the Crop Circle Connector. This year alone some very interesting formations have seen the light. They're often linked to deep symbolism, astronomy and especially the factor 'TIME', not to say 'Mayan Time' calculations.

Beyond the meaning, the authors, the art, the reasons why media and science seem to prefer to ignore the phenomenon, people testify how the circles actually DO something with them and have an effect on their consciousness.

Perhaps let the images speak for themselves and click through to have a look at some interpretations and see how it works onto your consciousness levels :-)

(images from Crop Circle Connector and Temporary Temples)

Crop CircleCrop CircleCrop CircleCrop CircleCrop CircleCrop CircleCrop CircleCrop Circle

(images from Crop Circle Connector and Temporary Temples)

Some interesting readings:


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23 March 2008 - 08:00


As the saying goes: a picture speaks a thousand words.
Take this picture published on the Utne blogs this week, in an article on "Religion Rising":


A noble concept, a rightful inspiration and serviceable creativity.
Happy and Rising Eastern time :-)

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08 March 2008 - 13:37

Time and Mind

Two mind challenging posts which fell into my mailbox this week - just wanted to share them here.

Biblical Entheogens: a Speculative Hypothesis

About 30 years ago my spiritual journey not only started off by some books on meditation (as recently elaborated in another post on Transcendental Meditation), I also devoured Carlos Castaneda’s four or five first books at the time.  As an anthropologist, he passionately researched on the nature of consciousness with the help of an Indian sorcerer and hallucinogens.
I immediately took up this link when I got this email presenting a research article of Benny Sharon in a new magazine ’Time and Mind‘ - the title is: Biblical Entheogens: a Speculative Hypothesis ; the full text can be downloaded.

time and mind

A speculative hypothesis is presented according to which the ancient Israelite religion was associated with the use of entheogens (mind-altering plants used in sacramental contexts). The hypothesis is based on a new look at texts of the Old Testament pertaining to the life of Moses, suggesting that Moses’ experiences and visions as described in the Bible were linked to the use of hallucinogens.  The article has all kind of interesting links and reflections.

Learn to Sit Still

Another short and playful article nicely illustrating how meditation is getting into mainstream publications these days.

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02 March 2008 - 15:16

Schuman Resonance

I recently read an article with which I 'resonated' very well - It explained about the link between the Schuman Resonance and the changes we're currently witnessing.

The Schuman resonance stands for the electromagnetic waves caused by the lightning bolts in the earth's atmosphere and oscillating at very low frequencies, thus creating a kind of 'pulse', or heart beat of the planet earth. There are all kind of Schuman oscillations, but the 'main' wave pulses somewhere at 7.8hz - However, that resonance has been slowly increasing since 1980 and more significantly since 1997 - we now seem to have attained 12Hz and it is expected to reach its peak at 13Hz, which some traditions and prophecies describe as the 'zero point'. At this point of quantum leap, all kind of changes are to be expected... and all kind of interpretations and prophecies exist on the matter, including a shift of the earth's poles.

Now hold on - we are of course witnessing massive ongoing changes on all levels, but one of the most common experienced feelings - even by people with no interest whatsoever in terms of spirituality or consciousness - seems to be the 'acceleration of time'. Don't you?
Sure a day is still a day, but it just makes lots of sense : the biorhythm of the earth must have an effect on us all of course - if earth's 'inner clocking' resonates faster, it seems logical this will affect our perception, but also our 'inner clocking' ...

After some small research on this other layer now surrounding the planet - the internet - I found this valuable resource of research by Jack Houck. This engineer and researcher of paranormal phenomena (like psychokinesis, his main interest) has published some very interesting articles on his website. One of these articles deals with his research on the Mental Access Window, the frequencies through which people have 'remote mental access' . He witnessed a correlation between the Schuman Resonance and EEG measurements, leading to the idea that our brains try to 'harmonize' with the earth's Schuman Resonance.

Amazing correlations. Amazing insights.
Something deep within me has always felt this way.

Something deep within me also feels that our conscious creative transformation of our mind energy, bringing it into high, pure and positive levels, not only has a huge impact on our immediate environment, but also on matter and earths' resonances - the Schuman Resonance seems to provide further explanation.

ps1 The same author also published an article on a Conceptual Model of Paranormal Phenomena, which is definitely worth having a look at.

ps 2 See also: http://www.highdesertshaman.com/Schuman_Resonance.html

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18 January 2008 - 03:49

Doors of Perception

Every day is a special day.
Every day is what we make out of it - whether what surrounds us is the best or the worst, or just ordinary. Actually, especially in the case it seem ordinary.

Since many years I’ve been observing this astonishing phenomenon of cropcircles - there’s many sites around and the Crop Circle Connector has lots of material. 
This is the one which got my special attention last year: Doors of perception.  The title says it all.

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13 January 2008 - 08:29


A couple of months ago someone sent me a link to an intriguing video on our Zeitgeist - actually three parts on the link between Christian Xmas symbolism, on whats really beyond 9/11 in the US and the world and about how some people and institutions determine financial and world affairs.
If you didn’t knew the whole birth story of Jesus from Nazareth is not original, but was taken over from other religions and sources, and is also intensely linked up with astronomy and astrology, then you have a good reason to have a look.
If you didn’t knew the twin towers were deliberately blasted, and actually also another building and the pentagon where no aircraft actually hit the constructions, then this could be an eye opener.
And if you’re curious how the system of debt and interest is a deliberate controlling mechanism, you should definitely consider watching this.

Watched it again and although it’s a bit harsh and of course somehow ‘us - American’ coloured, an interesting, fascinating and deep documentary to better understand the call of time and how we need to use our own discernment - you need a good dose of inner resources though to be able to put things in perspective when you look at such information sources and to be able to transcend into a positive and constructive personal transformation.

The direct site-link is http://zeitgeistmovie.com/ - From the site, you can download the film as well and/or watch it on full screen.

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