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26 February 2010 - 13:41

Video editing

I had to go into the topic of video editing recently and come across this nice overview of tools for the matter:

I got the best results with AVS Video Converter in terms of reframing, cutting and merging parts of video materials. But I really liked the user interface and the friedliness of a tool not listed in this article: FLV Editor Pro - I only had problems in properly merging the pieces as this didn't happened precisely enough for what I needed... in my experience and with my limited skills in this area, that is :-)

Two other tools which I've used and tried out are Replay Converter, the best tool in my experience in terms of allowing recording from web pages - this tool really allowed recording flash from some sites where all other tools failed.
And also Super, which I've found the best tool for converting purposes; not the most user friendly, but a really Super one !

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24 February 2010 - 07:28

Transparency on iframes in IE7

If you work with iframes, you might have realised already there's an issue with the transparency settings.

Especially in the IE browsers even if you give specific CSS instructions to have the body background colour rendered transparent, you won't get what you're after - the background is still going to remain opaque.
Following article describes the issue and solution nicely : - in essence: you need to add allowtransparency="true" to the iframe HTML ; and of course also set the background transparency to the body CSS tagselector :-)

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10 February 2010 - 05:23

How to prevent editing when grouping sheets in Excel ?

This question came up during one of my Excel courses - clearly something to be done with VBA, so I googled it and found following code at

Private Sub Workbook_SheetChange(ByVal Sh As Object, ByVal Target As Range)
     If ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.Count > 1 Then
     With Application

          .EnableEvents = False
          MsgBox "Oh, please don't group the sheets..."
          ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets(1).Select 'Ungroups
          .EnableEvents = True
          End With
     End If
End Sub

ps: for some interesting elaboration on Events go here: and here :

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08 February 2010 - 11:04

Difference between div and span element when coding CSS

I remember having prepared an blog post covering this topic, after a question during one of my courses... However it never saw the light because there's always so many things to accomplish at the same given time.
But never despair as it says: recently an article was published on Sitepoint on this matter. Which triggered also an interesting debate.

Nice reading if you're in the CSS business.

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