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29 May 2009 - 05:12

2013 - read: twenty thirtheen

It could be part of the site's FAQ (which does not exist (yet?) ), as it's a question coming up regularly :
where does the name of the domain come from?


third eye symbol on Maya ruin

Well it hasn't really to do with the year 2013. Perhaps indirectly, as you'll come to see, as a symbolic reference to the times 'after' the over hyped 22 December 2012 date, the so-called Mayan 'end of time' date (or better end of the big Long Count wheel)... .

It was in 1996 indeed that I made a trip to Mexico, more precisely to Yucatan in order to visit the pyramids over there and get to know more about the Mayan civilization. I had already been aware of the concept of cyclic time, but had never gone into more depth about the Mayan approach of cyclic time.
And so it became a memorable trip, where I got to see the inscriptions in Palenque referring to a big cyclic time phase calculated by the Mayan, starting at 3113 BC (august 13th) going up to 2012 (December 22th) (dates recalculated to Gregorian time and subject of (mis)interpretation).

But what intrigued me the most, was the way the Mayan did their calculations. So through some reading and study afterward I came to realize more about their famous 13 x 20 matrix, or 'divine key', or 'universal DNA', on the basis of which all their calculations are based.
13 stands for 13 moon cycles or energies, and 20 stands for 20 sun energies or sun cycles. The Mayans were still able to capture, label and use those energies, made it the basis of their mathematics (the vigesimal system) and applied it to time calculations.

Palenque's famous tomb of Pacal Votan

As at that time I had been introduced to the internet already, and I was looking for a domain name, I just inverted the 13:20 digits which brought me to 20:13. Omitting the colon gave me an acceptable DNS name, easy to recall and communicate (as only numbers) and a symbolic reference to the time period 'after'the current cycle which is obviously spinning to a 'catharsis'.... but also allowing lots of renewals - and that's where I see the focus and purpose of my being.
Then also, as I was and am still focused on the primary task of the net, i.e. to exchange, I didn't really envisaged a .com domain (moreover it was taken already then) and .org wasn't covering what I intended either... so besides .edu, .gov and .mil there were not really other choices then, than .net - Although completely inappropriate too, it covered the purpose however very nicely and symbolically in the keyword 'net' .

In summary

So that's how saw the light :-)

As a summary you could say it's very much a symbolic set of digits, symbolizing a matrix code and the start of a new period or time, integrating science and meta-science, math and intuition, left and right brain, yin and yang...consciousness and matter...
a visualisation of the road ahead .

Now if you're interested in a bit more substance behind all this reasoning, about the 13:20 matrix and Mayan cyclic time... read on.

21 May 2009 - 13:13

Counting with multiple conditions in Excel

Along the same notes as a previous post on the topic of counting by excluding, there's also the situation where you would like to count based on multiple conditions.
COUNTIF() won't do then anymore, as that allows only 1 straightforward condition.

multiple conditions with sumproduct()

There's a great article on Ozgrid expanding on the 3 scenarios you could choose from: using databasefunctions DCOUNT() or DCOUNTA(), using SUM() as an array formula or SUMPRODUCT() and using an IF() within the COUNT() also as array formulas (Ctrl + Shift + enter)

BTW multiple conditions for SUMIF() work along the same line and you'll find some formulas on the same site.

Whilst you're there you might as well have a look at the Ozgrid Newsletter Archive or subscribe to their monthly tips.

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