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25 November 2007 - 14:05

Leaders of Tomorrow


People to embody the New Leadership Style of tomorrow's leaders.

Profile for the spiritual leader

  • All-rounder, able to link up different fields into integrated solutions
  • Integrates and embodies a values-based approach.
  • Service minded and service oriented.
  • Stimulates independency and autonomy and takes in account the principles of interdependency.
  • Awareness of one's own needs, able to discerning the needs of the other and focusing on what is really needed.
  • Able to work at the same time on micro and macro levels and thus capable to integrate the thought level into organizational change.
  • Acts as a sample and teaches by example.
  • Unites royalty and loyalty.
  • Behaves as a father and a mother and thus uses head and heart combined - but knows when to emphasize which side.


If you think you meet these conditions, you might also consider answering following questions before applying:
  • Where do you think this profile is currently wanted?
  • Where do you think this profile is mostly needed?
  • Where do you think this profile could ideally be of service?/li>
  • Where do you think most people with this profile can be encountered?
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18 November 2007 - 17:42


awareness and ignorence


In the middle-point of two axis, ‘consciousness - matter’ and ‘technology - human resources’, I am able to line up my potential and activity with my mission and capable to transform ‘knowledge’ into ‘awareness’.


Out of my center, centrifugal forces are at work along these two axis ‘consciousness - matter’ and ‘technology - human resources’. Lining up with my mission and realizing the self become labour and hard to reach; awareness becomes hidden behind the clouds of ignorance.

Centrifugal forces

When I consider…

  • I am a man or a woman...
  • God has created matter ...
  • I exist only once...
  • our technology is the only criteria for measuring progress...
  • I am the victim of what happens to me...
  • it just happened by accident...
  • I can’t do anything about changing the world...
  • I am white, German or a Sindhi...
  • Allah, Jahweh, Shiva, God, .... are separate beings...
  • Paradise, Atlantis, Bahist or Golden Age is a fairy tale...

Centripetal forces

When I consider ...

  • I am incorporeal...
  • matter is eternal and transforms constantly...
  • I am eternal ...
  • our change of consciousness and values are signs of real progress...
  • I am the creator of my reality and life situation...
  • nothing happens by accident...
  • I can change the world by changing in myself...
  • I am beyond name, cult, colour or status...
  • Allah, Jahweh, Shiva, God .... are One and the same...
  • Paradise, Atlantis, Bahist or Golden Age is real but different for everyone ...

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15 November 2007 - 11:23

God and the Internet

The internet : a global network of computers (some call them nodes) linked to one another. A network made possible by several (well 7 apparently) layers of different communication protocols, from machine-level to the highest software-level.

The close observer will have discerned our brain to also be a network of synapses linked through a seemingly chaotic labyrinth of nerves.
The utmost realisation actually concerns reality itself.
Because reality also is a network of seemingly chaotic happenings. The ‘clairvoyant’ will discern a cycle of actions, reactions and interactions on several levels at the same time.
At the material level - at a relational level and even at the psychological.  The most subtle level, however, is the thought level.

Today’s internet is part of a much wider internet which some call a ‘divine plan’.
You could also call it a ‘drama’ or a ‘play’.
In silence, you can go beyond the physical layers and discern the higher layers, witness how everything has been programmed and how we are programming at the same time.
See the internet in the internet.

And then, beyond the layers of sectarianism, religion or science - ponder on another question:
What’s the role of God in all this? 

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13 November 2007 - 14:01

The soul - El Alma - L’âme - De Ziel

‘Know yourself’ was one of the famous phrases written at the entry of the Apollo Sanctuary in Delphi. It is symbolic for the search for one’s identity, which seems to have existed since recorded history. Perhaps the ‘inner insight’ was more esteemed in ancient times, but it is today we need it more than ever.

Let’s put it this way: would it really matter if we come to realize ourselves?

The answer is: yes. It would matter because we are no matter.

Beyond the visible and the tangible, beyond matter exists a world we all know to be very real: our world of thoughts. And thoughts do not obey physical laws; they follow metaphysical logics.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Look in the middle of your forehead. Look beyond the surface of your skin and forehead. And feel. Feel the point where your thoughts are being generated. It is a point of energy. It is different from matter. And it is YOU.

Self-realisation means realizing that I am ‘atma’, soul.
At this stage of time, it is a most important point - if not the most - that matters. 

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11 November 2007 - 07:50


Money is matter. And counts. Perhaps too much in the wrong sense, but that’s another matter.
Since ancient times money provided a noble way to return for a given service. Today nobility seems to have disappeared and the means has become the aim.

Money is also energy. That means that money follows the principle of action and reaction. What you will finally get out of your interaction with money depends on your intention. Being rich is not a question of matter only.

A service you deliver has a value. A service you use has a value. And what matters is honest transaction.
It makes your character shine.

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02 November 2007 - 04:17


‘Be focused on me with your mind’.

This mantra or ‘seed thought’ was the essence of Krishna’s teachings addressed to the Pandavas, during the time of their great struggle, the ‘Mahabharata’.
Although Pandavas and Kouravas were considered brothers, they could not avoid war ; the 5 Pandavas choose to be guided by god Krishna, the Kouravas choose violent, secret and very powerful weapons.  The mantra of ‘Manmanabav’ provided the Pandavas the ultimate and transcending power.

Being focused is a very good practice to face every days’ challenges.  The question ‘how’ finds its answer in the mantra of the 3 dots: by holding the awareness of 3 simple but most challenging insights, 3 points of reference, which we forgot and just need to remember:

  • I am a point of consciousness - ‘be a dot’ and see ‘the dot’ in others.
  • Each moment of time is a point and contributes to the huge wheel of action and interaction. ‘Putting the dot’ implies approaching each moment as a unique ‘momentum’, born from the past and linked to the future, but completely separated at the same time - each moment forms a magic ‘now’.
  • The Supreme is a dot of light - ‘fusion power’ generates from ‘pointed towards’ the Source of light and open potentials of great transformation.

Whilest remembering the 3 dots, the Mahabharata’s promise of Remembrance is realised.
And you become your highest self.

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01 November 2007 - 18:57


There is a necessity for a creative balance between rational and intuitive sciences
and the need for practical day-to-day management tools.
Real solving means stepping ‘beyond’…
Beyond the already-known, technology, marketing & business, the internet,
prejudices & habits, fear & shortsighted vision
are ways to integrate a new art of living.

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